Meet Megan

Hey there!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

I’m sure you’ve met the fam by now, but in case you’re wondering if I like coffee (I do!) or what my hobbies are (there are many!) This is a little info about little ol’ me!

DIY is my groove. If I can do it myself, then I will! I like to make my own beauty products, grow my own food and paint my own furniture. Maybe those things will make it’s way into this blog someday??

My garden takes up the entire front yard. It’s full of flowers AND food and all sorts of conversation-starting trash-turned-treasures. We have a few ducks who help me garden -removing pests and fertilizing the organic way. They keep me company and entertain me with their wagging tail feathers.

Lake Michigan is everything I need in a vacation. I visit it EVERY season of the year. There is peace by the water and adventure in the towns nearby and always good food! Never mind the fact that the beauty astounds me with every glimpse. This being said, I also love to travel and the Schuiteboers are attempting to visit all 50 states together! We’re just over 1/2 way there!!

Probably my favorite hobby is relationships. (That’s a thing, right?) I love to sit down with a dear friend in a pair of comfy chairs, have a warm drink and chat the hours away. I hope you can feel this, because it’s what I picture myself doing with each of you!

This is holy ground here. LoveForAllToSee is a place to be real. A place where love and grace grow together and extend to every person who visits. There’s no room for judgment in this type of environment, just acceptance and understanding and TRUTH. This is my space to be true to myself and who God’s creating me to be. I love sharing my journey with you and I hope we can all celebrate the process of life together.

Loads of love,