Meet the Schuiteboers

Family 2017.jpgCollin. Megan. Chelsey. Carter. Makenna. Mya. Elisee. Oh, and Buddy & Emma too.

I’m Megan and this crazy family is my favorite thing! I also love coffee, tea, and seriously good dark chocolate. I support all things Fair Trade and empowering people from around the world to live the full lives God intended. I love the adventure in traveling and planning to travel. Actually, I love to plan anything: dinner, birthday parties, trips, my life…Sometimes I even follow through on my plans, ha ha!

I’ve been married to my one true love for about 15 years and we have our “dream” life (minus the house-bus I’m still trying to convince him we need!). Our kiddos fill our life with inspiration and joy and we believe laughter is the best medicine.

Collin is my favorite. He grounds me and lifts me up all at once. He makes me laugh like no one else and he loves with a fierce determination. I’m beyond thrilled to live every minute of my life with him.

Chelsey is our oldest, she’s a blessing that I’ve prayed for since I was 9 years old. I knew she was a miraculous answer to my prayers the moment I dropped her off to a new school and cried tears of joy all the way home. God knew the Schuiteboers needed her goofy, brave spirit and incredible faith.

Carter is full of joy and great ideas. He wakes up each morning with a bound out of bed and runs away with the rest of us in tow.

Makenna is fierce and silly and so incredibly selfless, I’m in awe. She also loves to remind us that nothing and no one is more important than God.

Mya is a blessing I never knew I needed. She is full of surprises and beauty and Jesus’ crazy redemption. She knows just how to make me laugh when I get too serious.

Elisee, my sweet Elisee. He’s still in Africa and our adoption is not quite finalized and maybe never will be. God’s got big plans for Elisee and though this season of waiting and wondering is much too long, our future together is full. Elisee is made of silliness and charm, but when he is still he’s full of wonder and wisdom that comes from his incredibly full life.

Buddy & Emma are our furry doodle family members. They bring fun and comfort to each of us in such ridiculous only-dog-people-understand-it ways. Buddy is smarter than the rest of us and lets us know it. Emma is still a pup, but so fiercely loyal and just the sweetest peach.

I believe God has given us this “dream” life and the ability to see the dreaminess through the tough stuff. It’s not always sunshine and roses but I’m still grateful for each new day. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with such a beautiful life to live and I want to bless Him right back with it!

Join us on our journey and see what happens when we life a life of love!