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Wendy Bird

Dear dear Wendy,

Oh my friend! You are so close to my heart. Who else has been through childhood with me and lived to tell the tale? There is no one. I love our silly, sweet and embarrassing memories together! When I think of you I think of a sunflower bedroom, Beanie Baby collections, bird poop (in your hair, not mine!), brothers, mothers, and family devotions, ice cream and horse poop (somewhat together…), Jesus, and endless inspiration for my faith. Who else would I want by my side when I had my first “big” break-up, sang my first solo, and was so burnt out from a sick baby that I couldn’t breathe and my husband bought me a plane ticket?

You, my friend have brought me life and breath and Jesus at all the right moments. Thank you for your strong faith. You simply do not waiver. I know we all have moments of doubt, but when it comes to the end of the line, you love HIM more than anything! There have been times where you have shared with me our Lord’s strength simply by a memory and you don’t even know it.

I have to say, I hate how life brings varying seasons of friendship. Of course, the times of renewed friendship and deep connection are so beautiful, but the times of distance are full of regret. I wish I could say we have never let life come between us. However, I know that when something big comes, good or bad, you’re there. I can pick up the phone and we will start up right where we left off and God will do a mighty work. I can count on that.

My sweet friend, you know we are connected at the heart. i hope you know that when you laugh, I laugh (and snort) and when you cry, I cry. My heart has been so heavy for you in your recent days of grief. Yet honestly, I love to cry for you and intercede on behalf of your awesome family. I love them like my own. This time, however, it was so different. As I cried, I realized I was finally able to cry for myself at the same time. You see, we both experienced a loss. Mine was undefined and strangely incomplete and yours was an age-old tale but excruciating, none-the-less. In my sisterly intercession, I was able to experience my own grief at the same time. I was able to mourn and hear the truths of God in a way I didn’t know I even needed. God is so good. He knew what we both needed! And boy, did He deliver some healing to our hearts…together.

So thank you, dear friend, for allowing me the privilege and gift of being in “the mess” with you! Thanks for sharing with me your pain and joy. Thank you for letting me be a piece of your story. And thanks for being a piece of mine. Thank you for years and years of ridiculous memories. They are the best that I have!

With Papa’s love,

The sister you always wanted but always had

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